The Beginning: The Story of the Early Days of Christianity


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Dr. Dino Pedrone has brought to light the story of our ancestral tree…our spiritual family tree, that is. While all family stories come to an end, our spiritual family tree is eternal. Dr. Pedrone gives us biblical snapshots of our founding fathers, honestly revealing how much like us they were. You will discover how they prevailed over impossible challenges to pass the torch of truth to us. The Beginning: The Story of the Early Day’s of Christianity encourages us who are facing the rise of evil in these end-time days to stand with the same blazing faith that the early church displayed amid the pagan darkness of the Roman Empire. We must end as they began…victorious in faith!

Dr. Ron Susek, President of Susek Evangelistic Association along with the founder of Faith Walk Ministries International and The Assyrian Project

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

A young man walks along a road leading to the Sea of Galilee.

Messiahs were plentiful in the first century. In Judaism, the idea of Messiah referred to “a king appointed by the Almighty.” After the Hasmonean kingdom in the first century and the Roman-Jewish wars in the first two centuries, the idea of a Messiah expanded. The Messiah was considered to be “the individual who would deliver the Jewish people from the Roman Empire,” thus ushering in the golden age of Messiah. Now here comes another. A leader of a Jewish sect was crucified, and there were those who claimed he rose from the grave. It does sound a little preposterous.

Messiahs could fill volumes with their plans and heroics, but the obvious questions are, Where are they now? Where are their followers?

A man who gathers twelve apparent misfits of society and leads them while he teaches, heals, delivers evil spirits, and raises some from the dead is certainly unique. Is he one of the many self-proclaimed Messiahs, or is he different?

The faith that this man founded today represents nearly one-third of the world’s population.

The Beginning details how this movement started. From a small group called The Way to the conversion of a vitriolic Pharisee to meetings with well-known political activists the story begins.
So snuggle up; get a nice, warm drink; and follow The Beginning–the early story of Christianity.

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