After many years of serving the Lord through pastoring, overseeing an international and state school association, and leading one of the oldest Bible Colleges in America it is now time to develop the legacy. My family and I are delighted to present the Dino Pedrone Ministries Foundation. We have a huge vision and the plan is to take our years of ministry and develop a foundation that will leave a legacy to bless and benefit many.

Mission: Dino Pedrone Ministries reaches people world-wide by providing relationship-building through life groups, tools and resources through literature, and education through online courses at Pedrone Ministry College, conferences, trips, and multi-media in order to help individuals grow their faith and live life to the fullest.

At we change lives through:

International Trips


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Media including

Life Change
Our own Channel!
Pedrone Ministry College Channel
International Online Radio
Network Radio
Introducing an online international college: Pedrone Ministry College


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