Influence of Peter




The life of Peter is a familiar story. Either we have been where he has been in our spiritual walk or someone close to us has recently had a similar experience. Peter was amazed about the Rabbi who selected him. The Rabbi was the Messiah. The elation that the Apostle Peter experienced is found in many of the accounts of his conversations with Jesus. But then he fell. He fell big time. He denied the One who he claimed was the Messiah. Was his life over? If Jesus was the Messiah, would he have another chance? Perhaps the best answer is found in the two epistles he penned. Our experiences, both good and bad, can be used for the glory of God and they become our influence in other’s lives. This book, The Influence of Peter, is a reminder of this great lesson. Influence is the capacity to cause an effect in a tangible or intangible way. Peter’s influence still continues today.