He Must Be The One: Coming 2019



Religion abounds in the world. Why do Christians seem so set on the idea that there is no other way to God but their way? In the ancient book of Colossians of the New Testament there is a short four chapter presentation that addresses this most controversial question. Each section of the book focuses on a relationship with God and an awareness that religion is not enough. In He Must Be The One the author Dr. Dino Pedrone presents in very practical terms a presentation of the uniqueness of the person and work of Jesus Christ that helps the reader to stay focused on what is really important in our Christian walk. If Jesus is not the one, then religion must diligently be pursued to find a relationship with God. However, if Jesus is the One, it opens a new world to a relationship not just with God but with people. Dr. Dino Pedrone is the ninth president of the historic Davis College in the Greater Binghamton, New York area. A veteran of more than forty years in ministry and a sought after speaker around the world, he is the author of more than twenty books and booklets. His insightful teaching is heard on radio and television. Dr. Pedrone is dedicated to training men and women in the ministry. He is the recipient of the Israel Film Festival Humanitarian Award, an honorary member of Delta Epsilon Chi, and numerous other awards. He and his wife Bobbi live in the Greater Binghamton area and they have four children and three grandchildren.


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